Hollywood Actor Seth Macfarlane Net Worth

Hollywood Actor Seth Macfarlane


Hollywood Actor Seth MacFarlane is a writer, director, actor, and singer. He is best known for he operates in computer animation, comedy, and live-action. He has accomplished a high degree of success in many aspects of the film and song sectors. It is approximated that he now has an individual total assets of $200 million. Here is how Seth MacFarlane became so abundant.

Net Worth:

In 2009, he negotiated a 5-year $100 million buck deal to run his animation empire. It was the largest as well as most costly agreement in television background up to that point. And also neither of those income numbers consist of DVD or goods legal rights which are approximated to earn Seth upwards of $20 million furthermore every year. Seth MacFarlane‘s main home since 2008 has been a large mansion in Beverly Hills that he scooped up for $13.5 million. In 2019 he invested $15.7 million on a home in Malibu.

He has likewise written, guided, and also created several movies including 2012’s Ted which grossed over $500 million, 2015’s Ted 2 which earned just under $200 million, and 2014’s A Million Ways to Pass Away in the West. He has actually launched five music CDs and also executes consistently as a big band act.

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