Popular Model and Actress Violet Summers Net Worth, Career, Personal Life Details


Violet Summers is a Model and Actress from the United States. Summers is well known for her hot looks and cute smile to attract the boy’s heart. Violet started sporting when she was 17 years old. She mainly uploads images in lingerie or swimwear. She has a huge fan tracking over different social media platforms. Violet Summers has reached over 8.2 million followers on her Instagram account. Violet’s net worth is calculated at approximately over $700,000 as of June 2020.

Early Life:

Violet Summers was born in Sacramento from California in the USA on 28 November 1998. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius and she carries an American ethnicity. Violet is an actress, model, and Instagram star. She is best known for uploading her photos taken during her modeling photoshoots onto her Instagram account, plus those taken during her daily life.

Violet was in Sacramento as an only child. Her father is a lawyer, and her mother is working at a local clinic. Violet grew up liking to become a model and an actress just as most of her peers. She became physically active at elementary school as she raced track and played soccer and tennis.


She registered at a local high school in 2012 and played sports mostly because she believed these would help her shape her body and prepare her for a modeling career. But after learning that this wasn’t enough, she began going to the gym at the age of 16.

She has caught by a modeling scout when she pivoted 17. At the same time, Violet established her Instagram account and started to steadily make her fanbase. After training in 2016 she chose not to register at a college but rather focus on her modeling career as well as her career on the internet.

She has been shipping nude pictures and videos over Snapchat to her particular subscribers. Many of these videos have lived kept by her customers and can today visit uploaded onto several porn websites.

She has seemed in a single film the documentary Oz Comic-Con The Movie in the year 2017. While the movie was directed by Edward Jeffries. It starred Adrian, Alishiera, and Ashley Andresen, and which is about the entertainment industry, cosplay events, and stand-up humorists.

Personal Blog:

Violet has been in several connections in the past three years. But hasn’t spoken regarding these boys and girls as she likes to keep her personal matters to herself. Her second boyfriend whom she dated in 2016 is stated to have been a fighter. They are assembled on the internet after he messaged Violet on Instagram. They lived together for six months before separating ways.

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