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Dominic Barbara is an American counsel who was born on October 6, 1945. In the ‘90s, He described Joey Buttafuoco in his illegal case for statutory rape of Amy Fisher, with whom Buttafuoco had sexual links when she was only 16. Dominic is best known for expressing Joey Buttafuoco in his criminal case for the statutory rape of Amy Fisher.

Net Worth:

The Great Celebrity Dominic Barbara is an American attorney who has a net worth of $50 thousand. In 2012 Dominic has captured after allegedly hunting his ex-wife and allegedly testing to extort her out of $200,000. It was a shocking fall for a guy who once sported $1,000 claims and forced a Bentley.

About Dominic Barbara:

For many years Barbara was a major divorce attorney working out of Long Island, New York. Dominic Barbara became sufficiently known behind he related Joey Buttafuoco in the illegal case for the statutory rape of Amy Fisher. He would go on to keep a hand in matters applying Jessica Hahn, the secretary who exposed Jim Bakker and Lindsey Lohan’s father Michael Lohan.

Barbara was a regular visitor on the Howard Stern Show and has also happened on the TV series Power of Attorney and Larry King Life. Barbara also characterized the wife of radio nature Anthony Cumia from the Opie and Anthony show during their divorce.

Dominic later informed that he was homeless, deep in debt, had a drinking problem and painkiller dependence. He had apparently reduced to resting on a friend’s couch despite legally owning a multi-million dollar waterfront estate. When his court date came, Dominic defined himself against charges of fourth-degree grand larceny, fourth-degree stalking, and second-degree irritated harassment. He has arrested three times that year.

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